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Getting Started

Installing Dexen either on a local network or on the Amazon is straight forward and requires minimal configuration. The user is then able to interact with Dexen via a web application in a web browser, or via an Application Programming Interface.

Various windows in the Dexen UI for managing evolutionary jobs and tasks.

Install Python

Install the latest 2.7.x version of python.

Make sure that the python executable is on the enironment PATH.

Install MongoDB

Dexen uses MongoDB as its database.

Install Dependencies

To install the Dexen dependency libraries, it is recommended to use the pip package manager. It is included in Python, so there is no need to install it.

The following libraries are required by Dexen.

To install all the 3rd party libraries, type the following at the command prompt:

If you need to uninstall the libraries, you can type the following:

Install Dexen

To install Dexen, follow these steps:

Start Dexen

To start Dexen:

Open the command window and do the following:

There is also a single bat file that does all this in one. It is useful if you are running dexen on just one computer and prefer not to have lots of command windows open.

View Dexen Interface

There is a UI that you can access through the browser. If you are running Dexen locally, you can access the UI at http://localhost:5000/.