Design Automation Lab

Parametric Information Modelling

A set Parametric Information Modelling (PIM) resources, written in TypeScript.


Parametric Information Modelling is a novel approach to 3D modelling that tightly integrates geometric and semantic information.

The PIM approach provides various was of associating semantic information with elements in the model. How such semantics are applied is defined by the end-user. As such, there is no fixed schema that users are required to follow.

Three resources have been developed in order to support PIM in the browser:

PIM Kernel

At the core of the PIM approach is the kernel, supporting implicit topology and the tight integration of geometry with semantics.

PIM Functions

For performing 3D modelling operations, a library of modelling functions has been developed. The library includes functions for managing semantics.

PIM Viewer

For viewing models, a web-based viewer has been created. The viewer allows both geometry and semantics to be viewed and interrogated using a set of interactive tools.