Design Automation Lab

Möbius Modeller

End-user visual programming in the browser for automating complex tasks.

Möbius Geospatial Modeller

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller allows geocomputational procedures to be developed for creating interactive 3D geospatial datasets.

Various data types can be manipulated, include both geospatial and non-geospatial data. Procedures can be created to combine and augment these dataset, and to the display the result as a 3D geospatial visualization. Möbius Geospatial uses Cesiumjs as a viewer, and turfjs as a modelling library.

Möbius Geospatial Models can be published as interactive web pages that others can visit and explore. This allows users to develop specific data visualizations and narratives, and to then share these with a wide audience. All without requiring any textual scripting.

Some Examples

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring population density in Singapore.
The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring Dengue fever clusters versus population density in Singapore.

Möbius Geospatial Modeller (March 2018 - ongoing)