Design Automation Lab

Möbius Modeller

End-user visual programming in the browser for automating complex tasks.


The Möbius Modeller is a web application that allows users to create automated procedures using visual programming. All procedures are executed in the browser on the client side, and as such no server side process is required.

Möbius Modeller for Parametric Information Modelling (PIM)

Currently, Möbius Modeller has be developed to support Parametric Information Modelling (PIM) in the architectural and urban design domain, allowing procedures to be developed for generating and evaluating 3D models of buildings and urban neighbourhoods.

The Möbius Modeller, a Parametric Information Modeller (PIM) in the browser.

Möbius Modeller Customization

The Möbius Modeller can be customised to a wide different domains by developing specialized function libraries and specialized viewers. Contact us if you are interested in applying the Möbius Modeller in your domain.