Design Automation Lab

Möbius Modeller

End-user visual programming in the browser for automating complex tasks.


The Möbius Modeller is an open-source web platform for building modelling apps. Such apps allows users to create modelling procedures using visual programming techniques, combining flowcharts with drag-and-drop fill-in-the-blanks coding. The models can be published as interactive web pages, allowing visitors on the web to explore the models.

Apps can be built on top of the Möbius Modeller Platform, focusing on different use cases.

Möbius Modeller, version 0.4.x

The latest version of Möbius Modeller allows modelling procedures to be developed for creating 3D spatial models.

Möbius Geospatial Modeller, version 0.3.x

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller allows geocomputational procedures to be developed for creating interactive 3D geospatial datasets.

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring distance to MRT versus population density in Singapore.

Möbius Parametric Modeller, version 0.2.x

The Möbius Parametric Modeller allows procedures to be developed for generating complex 3D models of buildings and urban neighbourhoods.

The Möbius Parametric Modeller, showing an early stage in modelling London City Hall.

Möbius Modeller Customization

The Möbius Modeller can be customised to different domains by developing specialized function libraries and specialized viewers. Contact us if you are interested in applying the Möbius Modeller in your domain.